Specialty Packages

Countess is a sensuous kink Dominatrix SF Bay Area and Sacramento BDSM Mistress with a Sacramento dungeon as well as an Oakland SF Bay Area dungeon.  Countess specializes in using her milking machine and e-stim, giving prostate massages and prostate milking, strap on play, CBT, sensual dominance and control, spanking, chastity, forced bi, sounding, tease and denial, role playing, edging, enemas, foot worship, medical play, sissification, pony/puppy play, golden showers, BDSM, kink and fetishes of all kinds.


Sessions are based on time and which Dungeon is used.  For more info, click on the Dungeons tab above.

Social Time - 100/hr

Sometimes you just want to chat and get lunch or visit.  I'd love to!

Chastity Month-800

I will encase you and hold your key!  I will check on you several times each week and you will be required to send Me daily updates.  There will also be 3 face-to-face meetings included.

Fortnight Frolic-1000

Every other week for a month we shall meet and play together for at least 2 hrs.

Fortnight Frolic Extra-1500

Every other week for a month we shall meet and play together for at least 3 hrs.

Need More Time to Explore?

Social time, giving us plenty of time to connect before we delve into a decandently dark and delicous scene!  Think how you can be used again and again for 4-5 hours!
(Please note:  Any time over 3 hrs. will include a meal)


 Web Cam
250/hr   100/each additional hr
Email Sessions/Instructions
75 per email
**All distance sessions will be gifted via e-gift card or Google Wallet 24 hours before our scheduled date**!

These packages are designed to create a long term connection between us.  You needn't worry that I will be distracted as our playtime will be uninterupted.  You offer your submission, servitude and obedience.  In return, I give you My care, loyalty, dominance and divine deviant pleasure!

Weekly Tryst-2000

This package covers a month of one meeting every week that are at least 2 hrs. long.

Weekly Tryst Extra-2500

Once a week for a month we shall meet and play together for at least 3 hrs.

Monthly Overnight-3000

This secures three overnights with Me, spread out over three months.  These nights contain at least six hrs. of playtime activities.  Deliciously indulgent!

Weekly Sleepover-5000

For an entire month we will get together once a week for a sleepover.  This contains at least 6 hrs. of playtime activities.

One Year a Slave-30,000

For a year you sign yourself over to Me.  I will shape you, build you and make you a better person and better submissive.  Meetings will occur at least once a week.

One Year a Dedicated Slave-50,000

For a year you will receive full slave dedication and training.  This is an intense experience as every fiber of your being will be challenged... and conquered!  Meetings will occur at lease twice a week with contact every day.
6 hrs-1200
8 hrs-1600
10 hrs-2000
Full Day 24 hrs-3000
Full Weekend-5000
A Week of Being Used-700 0

Distance Domination

1 hr-Which Dungeon?

1.5 hr-Which Dungeon?

2 hrs-Which Dungeon?

Monthly Getaway-1600

For 4 months we will get together once a month and play for at least 2 hrs.