I LOVE To Use My Machines!

Naughty, naughty machines I use for My deviant pleasure!  Prostate milking and prostate massage never felt like this!  I LOVE to use My machines for tease & denial, dominance and control as you surrender to Me, edging you further and further into SUPERSPACE!!
Multiple machines....
Multiple pleasure zones...
Mind blown!!!
Body quivering and quaking in an exploded mass of superspace!

What I LOVE!!!

Milking Machine
Strap-on Play
Prostate Milking
Prostate Massage
Sensual Dominance & Control
Tease and Denial
Sensual CBT
Sensation Play
Nipple Play
Role Playing
Medical Play
Forced Bi
Predicament Bondage
Pony/Puppy Play
Golden Showers

The Thumper looks like an inocuous machine but it is MEAN!!!  Adding pleasure sensations to whereever I choose to use it!!

The Thumper

Mistress of Machine Mayhem

Pushed deep inside as I press up against the p-spot.  And then....!!!

Milking Machine

Naughty milking machine that I control!  The speed!  The sucking!  The stroking!  Edging you!  Taunting you!  My milking machine is especially fabulous for those who have erection problems or prostate surgery (it aids in getting everything moving again).


 My E-Stim sends pulses... or pounding... electrical sensations causing uncontrollable throbbing!

Anal Terrorizer

 A benable machine for a shocking good prostate milking and prostate massage.
He begged Me to stop after the 3rd milking!!!
Milking Machine & the Anal Terrorizer used at the same time.  I milked every last drop out of him!
Countess is a sensuous kink Dominatrix SF Bay Area and Sacramento BDSM Mistress with a Sacramento dungeon as well as a dungeon in Oakland / SF Bay Area.  Countess specializes in using Her milking machine and e-stim, giving prostate massages, prostate milking, strap on play, CBT, sensual dominance and control, spanking, chastity, tease and denial, role playing, edging, enemas, foot worship, medical play, sissification, golden showers, BDSM, kink and fetishes of all kinds.

Prostate Prober

 Pushed deep inside as I press up against the p-spot.  And then....!


 Sit and Spin has a new meaning with this!  Stradle this as the other Tools of Terror are used on you!