Bound for Pleasure

Tight ropes encase your immobile form, hoisting you up to the ceiling while you balance on your tippy toes.  Your senses are forced to focus on all the sensations around you.  It becomes overwhelming but you can only struggle so much.  Suddenly you are gagged and now you can't even cry out....

The Plaything Punishment

 Whips, chains, floggers, impact, pressure points!  You will be pushed and pushed and pushed again to the edge of what you think you are capable of handling.  And then I will TAKE you beyond!

A Delicious Taste

Not really sure of what your fetish or kink is but you want to explore?  Delve into the delicious deviance at a comfortable pace as I open you up to ALL of the possibilities! 

Super Star

You have always been a naughty cum slut and want to show the world!!  Now is your chance to become a famous whore!  Sign the model release and let's start filming!  Maybe, if you are lucky, your clip will go viral!

Feet of Desire

Drop onto your knees to worship My beautiful, manicured, pretty polished toes!  Kiss, Lick, Suck, Massage, Caress, Adore, Touch, Worship!

Let's Play Sissy Doll

I will dress you up as My little sissy cum slut dolly complete with make-up, sissy clothing, stockings, shoes and more!  You will be made into the naughty sissy cum slut you know you have always been.


You have been bad and now your conscience is nagging you.  You have hidden dirt that can only be dealt with through penance.  That is why you come to Me.  You will pay your penance and your mind and conscience will be clean and clear.  The opposite of pleasure isn't pain.  It is apathy.  It is time to stop numbing and start living!

Symptom:  DSB

Do you have DSB known as Deadly Sperm Buildup?  Do you feel a build up even when a release doesn't work?  "Dr." Countess is available for a thorough exam with state of the art equipment to treat DSB at The Vixon Clinic.

Taken, Not Stirred

This is an intense/rough obduction roleplay where you are "kidnapped/raped" and used as I see fit.

Down on the Dairy Farm

Chores need to be done and milking is My favorite!  Made into a cow, put in a stall and milked DRY while being artificially inseminated!!!  Moooooooo!!!!

Fantasies Unleashed!    Desires Explode!

Slave Up for Auction

 What would it be like to be trained, prepped and sold as a live BDSM slave to an anonymous audience?  Cuffed, collared, stripped and shown off for a group of eager buyers!  You will find yourself centerstage in your own personal sale!

The Wrong House

Trying to make a bit of money, you decide to pull a job breaking into a few homes.  A nice quiet little street with a dark house at the end of the road is calling your name.  You skillfully unlock the front door and creep through the darkness, eyeing the mysterious furnishings and toys before realizing this is no normal house!  As you turn to leave, you hear the clicking of the door being locked!  No, I won't be calling the cops.  I will deal with you Myself!

Anal Violation

Here's your chance to take ALL of IT!  This session can easily be made into a double Domme appointment as we tie you up in a chaos of rope... the classic BDSM image of Bondage and Violation, exposing your tight hole to the sky as we use you for Our deviant pleasure!  This session can be toned down but, regardless, it will be intense!

School Nurse - "Sick" Little Boy

Each time the school nurse has to stop what she's doing (tending to kids who are actually sick) and take care of you.  But you aren't sick and now she's on to you.  The next time you fake sick, she calls your bluff! 
Much to your embarassment, down come your pants as she lubes up and inserts a large rectal termometer.  No temperature spike there... Time for a deeper exam!  She instructs you to remove your clothing and gives your entire body a once over noticing the only thing outstanding about you is the erection you are sprouting!
You are teased, spanked, milked and your temperature taken several times with larger and larger thermometers just in case she "missed something".  When all is said and done, you are thrown across her lap for a thorough spanking and lecture before being sent back to class red cheeked and entirely drained.

Triple Penetration

Oral, anal and urethral invasion where I turn My captive into an "airtight" plaything!

Tease & Denial

When was the last time you were teased into absolute submission?  I know there are those who love to submit to a beautiful woman and are not into pain at all...only to the beautiful torture of pleasure!  Spend time in the hands of a very wicked and seductive Dominatrix who will force your boundaries of tease and denial to a cruel and intense depth!

Executive Bitch

Stiletto heels, tight skirt, a jacket and sexy glasses: the iconic Femme Domme Bitch Boss.  
Your job performance has been terrible:  coming in late, wasting time chatting in the break room, and, worst of all, using company time going to XXX websites.
I call you into My office.  Today you will be held accountable.  You are immediately stripped down, you, your cock and balls tied tightly and then down on your knees as I advise you of company policy.  Maybe being bent over My desk for a good strapping and strap-on session will cure your bad behavior... Or do I have to get a ruler and blister your ass to make an impression on you?

Classic Spanking

If you just like simple OTK spanking without the trappings of a full BDSM experience, I am happy to oblige.  I am always happy to pick up My paddles, hairbrushes and belts to correct bad behavior on the backsides of a willing receipient.  You will be given a lecture while your pants are yanked down around your ankles before being pulled across My lap for a well deserved punishment and correction.  Mild spanking to severe paddling is always available.  There is something so enjoyable about a naughty plaything squirming wildly over My knee!

Public Play & Out-of-the Dungeon Scenes

What would it be like to sit across from your Mistress at your favorite restaurant or to go shopping for "pretties".  Having to follow Her strict protocol and rigid rules.   This can be either a very strict and structured event where you are given detailed instructions on how to dress, act, respond, and carry yourself while out with Me.  Or perhaps something more casual like getting to know each other in a pressure-free environment.  Or do you need help picking out the right lingerie or make-up if you are a sissy slut?  Or would you like to take Me to buy specific items that suit your own fetishes and fantasies?

Sensory Overload

Blindfolded.  Now every sense comes alive without the use of your eyes.  Vulnerable.  Conscience of everything around you.  Every sound:  the clicking of heels.  Every smell: tanned leather as you are being secured.  Every wisp of air that touches your skin.   Secured.  Vulnerable.  Every nerve tingling with anticipation of what is to happen next.
It starts with a touch on your skin.  A slight brush. You start to experience sensations.  All over body sensations with numerous tools and toys.  First it begins with one pleasure, teasing, touching, ... then another... then another... it becomes unbearable... culminating in an explosion of Sensory Overload!!!!  Blown!!!  Superspace!