Who You Are

You will want to surrender your every day vanilla life to Me for the intimacy, acceptance, discipline, training and release you so desperately need and crave.
You are friendly, respectful, punctual, discrete, clean and generous.  You are intelligent to entertain Me, obediant to Me, and have need for different disciplines and training.  You are interested in the pleasure and pain of an encounter, pushing boundaries and surrendering to Me.  You will be used for My deviant pleasure and at My direction.

About Our Time

Our time together will provide you with an encouraging environment, a powerfully intuitive Dominatrix, and a pleasurable and supportive space.  I encourage you to blossom... to surrender your will to Me.  With proper approval, I will accept questions you may have to engage Me in conversation about a variety of topics and you will entertain Me.  You can expect My full attention to the needs of your body, your mind, your control, your training and your discipline. 

Who I Am

I am called...  Countess.  I am a caring, sensual, feminine Dominatrix that LOVES to bring out those Dark Secrets and watch them blossom into Dark Fantasies.
First, let Me say... I truly LOVE what I do!!!  It turns Me on!  I LOVE the intimacy and the deep trust it brings.  I LOVE fulfilling fantasies and Dark Secrets.  I treasure and care about every one of My people.  I do NOT choose everyone.  This is NOT a job for Me.  This is something very deep and personal for Me.  This is My PASSION!!!
Second, I am not a prostitute.  I am a Dominatrix.  I train, I discipline.  I explore.  I push.  I edge.  I thrive by using you to fulfill My deviant desires while providing for your wants, needs and Dark Desires!

With a Sacramento Dungeon and an SF Bay Area Dungeon for Her deviant use, Countess is a sensual Dominatrix, BDSM Sacramento Mistress and a BDSM SF Bay Area Mistress specializing in bondage, kink, BDSM and fetish.